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Tofobo Family - About us | Tofobo Family

Hey, guys! Welcome to Tofobo Family¬†ūüôā¬†We are a family of four (two big dreamers and two small & cute adventurers), who are passionate about cooking, traveling and living simple life close to nature. We are plant-based food lovers and we truly believe that healthy food, prepared with love and care is one of the precious gifts one could give himself.

It all started 10 years ago, when we (Gerry & TOni) met and fell in love with each other. From the beginning we shared our common passion for traveling, especially around our beloved Southeast Asia. We also had the same dream of having a beautiful family together : )

Tofobo Family - About us | Tofobo Family
Fortunately, during the past years we were blessed with two gorgeous blonde sunshines and amazing trips and experiences together. Also, we‚Äôve experienced a major transformation that changed our lives. We changed the way we think about health, food, material things and relationships between people. We found out that 9-to-5 workday didn‚Äôt make us happy… Furthermore, we¬†realized that we had bad¬†eating habits, so we started a new plant-based diet¬†that¬†brought us true happiness!

Tofobo Family - About us | Tofobo Family
Although we’ve always been nature lovers, we decided to live closer and closer to Mother Nature. Therefore, we became huge camping lovers. Each summer we spend amazing camping holidays by the sea and go wild camping in the mountains. We also are big fans of sea kayaking and we love exploring pure deserted beaches with the kiddos. They especially adore this family hippy lifestyle : )

Tofobo Family - About us | Tofobo FamilyTofobo Family - About us | Tofobo FamilyTofobo Family - About us | Tofobo Family

Tofobo Family - About us | Tofobo Family

Every day we try to enjoy the little things in life. And we’re so happy and proud that we set out on this new path together with our little monkeys. We never stop dreaming… We truly believe that one of our wildest dreams to live a simple and peaceful life in Southeast Asia will soon come true : )

And last but not at least, we LOVE cooking! All four of us ūüôā ¬†Therefore, in this blog we‚Äôll share with you some lovely family and kid-friendly¬†vegan¬†recipes from our culinary life. We‚Äôll be more than happy to inspire and support you, especially if you’re just starting your journey to healthy eating. We both are recipe developers and I (Gerry) am a self-taught food stylist and photographer. We¬†really hope that our little place here will encourage you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

–Ęhank you for passing by, we really appreciate it : )

Sending you lots of LOVE & good vibes,

Tofobo Family

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